• Is there camping on the grounds?
    There is limited camping for exhibitors only. No electric or running water.  Porta-potties only. Generators are shut off after 10 pm. Please camp responsibly and don’t abuse the land.
  • Is there camping in the area?
    There are State campgrounds in Holland, Grand Haven and Muskegon. There are also several private campgrounds within a half hour drive of the grounds. A web search will find several.
  • What about local hotels?
    Allendale is a small community. There is one hotel in town, it is a Sleep Inn & Suites hotel. It is located on the east end of Allendale. The other closest hotels are in Grand Rapids, Holland, Coopersville, and Grand Haven.
  • What are the fees for exhibiting?
    There are no fees for exhibiting. 2 people per exhibit are allowed in the gate for free.
  • Can I bring anything to exhibit?
    So long as your exhibit has something to do with our farming history.
  • Who do I have to see when I bring my exhibit to the show?
    Stop in to the registration tent so we can get pertinent information about you and your exhibit.
  • Can I get reimbursed for expenses to run my exhibit?
    Unless pre-arranged, no.
  • Can I bring my exhibit to the show and charge admission or rider fees?
    Unless pre-arranged, no.
  • Does the show pay to haul tractors?
    We only haul member’s equipment as needed, depending on the distance to be hauled, and our allowable budget for the year.
  • What about flea market vending?
    Flea market vendors are welcome. The space fee is $25. The gate fees are waived for flea market vendors.
  • Can I sell food or food products & drinks on the grounds?
    With prior approval, yes. We try to cater to non-profit organizations for food & drink sales as their means of fund raisers first, then commercial outfits second. The local health inspector often checks the grounds, and you will most likely need proper permits.
  • When can I set up my exhibit or operation?
    Set-up can occur no sooner than the Wednesday before the show.   You are asked to maintain your exhibit till 5pm on Saturday, and depart later that day.
  • What means are there for loading/unloading equipment?
    There is a simple earth loading ramp for getting on & off trailers. No hoisting service is provided though.
  • Can I pull my tractor in the tractor pull?
    The tractor pull is an event just for the bragging rights. We pull a weight transfer sled. There are no prizes or judging. Tractors are only desired if they are original and not modified as a “pulling tractor”. Click here to view tractor pull rules.
  • What kind of tractors can I bring?
    Most any old tractor. Each year, there is a featured tractor. There is no judging of tractors at the show. We do ask that you run & drive your tractor when you can. Any tractor can sit there and look good, but to run and look good is something the public likes to see. Even really old rusty tractors that look like they’d never ever run, but do, are fun to exhibit.
  • What about security on the grounds?
    We’ve had little issues thus far. There is no night watchman. Secure your property how ever you are comfortable, and keep your eyes peeled for suspicious activity.
  • I have difficulty getting around. What can I expect?
    The show grounds are pretty flat, and are a mowed down hay field. There is handicap parking available. There have been many elderly with their electric carts getting around the grounds just fine.
  • Can I bring a golf cart, quad-runner, or other similar motorized vehicle to get around on?
    Golf carts may be used for those with walking disabilities.  No other motorized vehicle will be allowed. No joy riding by the kids also. Our spectators come to experience old machinery, not your latest motor toy.
  • Is there any food to eat?
    Absolutely! Several organizations have food, drinks and treats for sale at reasonable prices.
  • What does it take to become a member?
    Interest. You do not have to own an old piece of equipment, but you probably will later on. Our membership is made up of folks from 18 – 88 years old. We meet monthly thru the year to plan future shows, take in some education once in a while, and swap old iron stories & recent leads on information. We also get involved with work bees on the grounds, restoring old club owned equipment, and helping out each other from time to time. Information on how to become a member will be available at the show.

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